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Pawn (2020)

Genre: Drama
Quality: Year: Duration: 113 MinView: 26 views

In 1993, Doo-Seok (Sung Dong-il) and Jong-bae (Kim Hee-won) working as a debt collector in Incheon, South Korea, while collecting debt from Myung-Ja (Yunjin Kim) gets her nine years old daughter Seung-Yi (Park So-Yi) as collateral. Myung-Ja is an illegal immigrant and she is deported from South Korea. Suddenly, Doo-Seok and Jong-bae become Seung-Yi’s guardian. The two men and the girl eventually form a family-like bond as they live together.

Tagline:Pawn (2020 film)
Country:, ,
Budget:$ 12,00

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